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We are forming a new group!

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“SVEIKO MIESTO” Šiaurietiškojo ėjimo klubas:

18/09/2015 - 8/10/2015

On August, 29th, Daugavpils will host urban running game from project. We welcome everyone to participate.

All details are on site.


On August, 23rd, Klaipeda will host urban game "Lighthouses of Old Memel", organized by project. We welcome everyone to participate. All details are on site.


Since 1973 International folklore festival “Skamba skamba kankliai” has taken place during the last week of May for years. During the festival, the courtyards of the old town are occupied by lovers of folk art. Everyone can sing, dance and have a good time in a cheerful crowd. Concerts take place in old town courtyards and concert halls.

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February 19 - 22, 2015.


Drama lessons to everyone!

‘Culture Night’– darkness reveals more!

The best time to enjoy art, music and culture is when it is dark. Cinemas turn off all the lights before the movies, all the lamps are turned off before a play in a theatre, concert halls are darkened before every performance of an orchestra or a band. Only the darkness allows to immerse yourself into culture, let the imagination run free and enjoy the processes around you. Turn on the light and the magic disappears. 

This year, one night festival of culture, ‘Culture Night’, will keep the lights off and will invite the visitors to enjoy the culture and arts in the darkness of the night. Around 200 various projects and events will spread around Vilnius during the night from 20 to 21 of June, lasting from 6 pm to 2 am. 

GALERIJA VARTAI: 2014 03 25, 18:00 ARTscape: Slovėnija. Vadim Fishkin / Julijonas Urbonas

Russian Culture Centre (Vilnius), International Education Centre of Moscow State M. Lomonosov University and Vilnius University Russian Philology Department are pleased to invite you to participate in the V Russian Language and Culture Festival.

The Festival will be held on April 14—16, in Vilnius University Philology Faculty (Universiteto st. 5, V.Krėvės room).

Its holiday season and Christmas is just around the corner. So time for gifts, candies, and of course Santa Claus! Keep the whole family entertained in Trakai this Christmas. A complete range of Christmas events and activities are taking place from 7th December 2013 up to 12th January 2014, promising a memorable Christmas in Trakai for all.

We invite all our guests to our cozy restaurant "Tower gates" (Boksto street, 2) on October 5 (Thursday), at 7p.m.  

Every Thursday evening we are going to present Russian romances (traditional Russian songs of the 19-th century), which are going to perform actors and actresses of the Russian Drama Theatre. 

The first evening the entrance is free of charge.

Russian Culture Centre and Dance theather "Petit Trianon" (Sankt-Peterburg, Russia) invites

to exsibition's  presentaton with performance and dances.

August 22, 2013 at 22.00.

In the eve of the 24th of August, 1495, which is now the well known St. Bartholomew‘s day, the grand duke Alexander acknowledged the statute of the first Vilnius guild. The guild of goldsmiths was the first to be given the privilege of sovereign. Since then, the 24th of August is one of the most important days for the Vilnius craftsmen that is why the biggest feasts were held during this day which is called the St. Bartholomew’s day.

It is already the fifth year when St. Bartholomew’s fair is revived in Vilnius by organizing a festive event of Renaissance crafts, arts and guild traditions.

This is the festival of culture, art, museums and music taking place close to mid-summer night. Vilnius residents and visitors are invited to cultural night life in Vilnius offering night dance lessons, open air cinema, concerts in churches, exhibitions in museums and galleries, fashion shows, laser performances, poetry reading and other art campaigns with interwoven local and European traditions.

 The cultural night in the city attracts more and more people who behave like cultured guests rather arrogant observers and create a lively and creative city atmosphere.

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01-06-2013, 11:00 - 20:00  Vingis park, Vilnius.

Programme of day:

Russian culture centre, 12-04-2013, 17:00

Date: 25 - 27 April, 2013

Place: VU, Faculty of Philology

Team: Russian culture centre, Moscow state Lomonosov's university, Vilnius university

The Mother (Vassa Zheleznova)

April 13  


The 20th of February, 19:00 meeting: a poet Tatyana Danilyanc, a poet, translator and children writer Michael Yasnov, a poet, translator, essayist Maksim Amelin...

21-24 February, 2013

LitExpo, Vilnius (Lithuania)

We are inviting you to share your delight of the Christmas and New Year with those who lack it all.

We cordially invite you to attend the opening of the exhibition "Vetera reducta" and the presentation of the exhibition catalogue

November 15, 16:40

At Pranciškus Smugliavičiaus Hall (Vilnius University Library).

The organizing Committee of Republican Contest of Declamation “Russian language - 2012” is happy to invite You to participate:

Action "Youth Against Terror 2012" starts!

Join and participate!

The 13th of September, at 15:00, Vilnius university, Faculty of Philology, Aud. SKS.


RCC invites to exhibition's "Living history" (Sankt-Peterburg - Ivangorod, Russia) presentation with performance and Medieval dances.

Poems of Sergej Gandlevsky: 20.07.2012 (Friday) 17:00,  Russian Culture Centre (Bokshto 4 / Ishganytojo 2, Vilnius).

Nighty-night-8: “Only for Girls”

Pink night

Уважаемые коллеги, дорогие друзья!

Русский культурный центр Вильнюса при поддержке фонда «Русский мир», Центр международного образования МГУ и Кафедра русской филологии Вильнюсского Университета приглашают Вас принять участие в Фестивале русского языка и культуры – 2012, в рамках которого 24 — 26 мая в Вильнюсском университете пройдут конкурс исполнителей и методический семинар по русскому языку как иностранному.

Theatre performance in Russian language

"Žmonės ir epocha. XX-XXI amžiaus latviškas estampas".

2012 m. balandžio 21 d. 15 val., Bokšto g. 2/4, Vilnius.

Parodos metu galima būtų susipažinti su Artūro Nikitino, Josifo Eljgurto, Naftolijo Gutmano, Marijos Indus-Muceniecė, Nelės Zirnytės, Aleksandro Kolokoljcevo kūrybą.

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Musical theatre performance for children

Theatre is inviting everyone interested into stage performances art.

The final

Association “Youth Initiative Group” and Russian Culture Centre provide a musical performance for children as a New Year’s present.